My poor doppy girl..

Well, as you have heard me talk about before, Brandy has a issue with getting her feet done, and the last couple times she just got worse and worse, and the last two times, she had complete melt downs, and it was no longer safe to work on her..

This was directly related to getting her feet trimmed, she would still allow me to clean her feet, but it would take longer and longer after getting her feet done to gain her trust back..

After the last non-trim, meltdown, It came down to this..

Get a vet to help me with a sedative or hauler her and get her done in stocks..

So I called the vet and got the recommend help that my ferrier wanted.. today was the first time using it.

I needed to put it in carefully under the tongue and then she needed 40 min to relax and allow it to have full effect before the ferrier came, so I groomed her and snuggled and sat with her..

She was like a drunk, sleepy girl.. it was cute, it was a little sad that it had come to this, but more important, she was a good girl and her feet which had not been properly done for months now are all looking great!

She recovered well and we are going to try adjusting the dose down just a bit for the next one..

Caleb was perfect in terms of getting his feet done, show off LOL

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