Day one of the Clinic.. Ground Work

2013-01-01 2355 (539x600)

I learned lots, and I feel like every lesion but the last one sunk in LOL, I am so pleased with myself, me who normally hides in the afternoon heat made it till 4pm.

I had three goals for the ground work session today, one was to figure out what I was doing wrong on the crossover in the ground work, and I finally got the answer-YES! Two was to keep a open mind and be willing to learn new things.. and third was to listen to my gut, in this case, it meant knowing when to quit.

2013-01-01 2358 (600x517)

Caleb was beyond my dreams good.. Truly adore that boy, I’m not saying there is not room for learning and improvement but he was still willing when I called it.. Very Proud of him.. The funny of the day was he was eating but not drinking on his lunch break, and I wanted to show him where the water bucket was (like he didn’t know, right LOL) but when I picked up the scoop in my hand, he would lick it off, so did that for a few times and then he would drink.. three times over the day, if I was in the stall and grooming or spending time, he would drink but otherwise the bucket stayed untouched, made sure he had another big drink before leaving him.. with lots of hay in a huge stall, he seemed very calm by the end of the day, I tired him out..

2013-01-01 2362 (576x600)

Tomorrow, we ride!

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