Ground Work Training

If you read the main blog, you know today was a rough day and with me being so weepy, its not a good day to ride, but after I got a bit better I did head out to do ground work..

We worked on light soft backing, we worked on walking a range of circles with me standing still, sometimes one circle, sometimes two or even twice three around me without stopping..

We worked on yielding the hind quarters, which he did with spirit and quickness, he knew what I wanted and was giving it joyfully, he was getting cookies today and he wanted to earn them LOL

We did a good amount of head down, this was both successful, but we did have some confusion, I know that he did some follow the hand in the hopes to get a cookie, (not that I ever had a cookie in the hand or gave it to him from that hand) its a learning curve.

He was asked to bring it down by either a gentle pressure on lead or gentle pressure on the top of his head, when he gave, it was yes and then break and then reward with the left hand only.

He did catch on, because he started “offering” the head down which was also rewarded today at each try, once he really gets it, I will start making the rewards random and also throwing in a jackpot now and again.

It was nice to see the try..

We did have a challenge when it came to the trot, he was not happy to be asked to give me more then the walk, he is very confused and struggles to give me a nice slow jog, its taken a lot of work to get him to walk, instead of moving into a reactive hot canter-gallop..

We have been working on calm soft walk and so he was either, not wanting to move up or he got reactive to being asked to move up.. so we had tries and then calm downs, tries and then calm downs and while it was not pretty or smooth it was a good lession.

I was out for a bout an hour. tomorrow, should be a fun horse day but I am not going to spoil the surprise.. till then..

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