Horse Vistors..

2013-01-01 2428 (600x304)

Today for three hours, we have company, Mrs Y and her new mare arrived on the farm for a visit, we mainly did ground work with a short ride a well.. We were going over the first three things learned at the clinic, this was awesome because I had to explain it, and do it and then a number of times we switched horse’s so it was a great way to reinforce what I had learned.

2013-01-01 2436 (596x600)

It was great fun and it was good for Caleb to get worked with another horse around and it was excellent for Brandy to get to meet another new horse.

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6 Responses to Horse Vistors..

  1. Ha! LOL… At first glance, I thought these were photos of Caleb (didn’t realize they’re both Paints: ) There’s Another Fine Day for ya!

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