Jason’s first offical horseback riding Lession

Well, let see its been a while, and I have some interesting horse stuff that has been going on, we have been slacking in official training time, some thing I need to get together, because, I need to get some training done.

But life has been so busy, I appear to have broken the tip of the ring finger on my right hand, but as breaks go, it was a easy good one, in the sense that it was more like a cracked finger to a cracked rib vs, a BROKE finger or a BROKE rib if you know what I mean

Anyway, I was to take a private lession in horse training with caleb on sunday and with my finger the way it was done on Friday, I didn’t feel that it would be a good idea to ride so J took the lession instead, his first official riding lession and he learned lots.

I was pleased to see how well my big boy did, Caleb is such a good horse.. LOVE him, the trainer said,

Caleb can be ridden to whatever skill level J works himself up to.. and that he will be able to meet my trail riding and my “green as Grass” dreams for the Extreme Cowboy, I knew this already but its always nice get it confirmed by the trainer that your horse is smart and with a sound mind.

Jason learned that he needs to do a number of things differently and he learned it in a very good way indeed, I learned that I need to change up a bit of equipment on Caleb, so be it, I will give it a try and see if it effects how the riding goes

The thing that was most interesting was that we found out (something I didn’t understand) was that Jason was riding mainly thinking that he rode with his hands and voice, with the odd nudge from his heels for forward and somehow, he didn’t connect that you have to ride with your legs..

I am a bit stumped by this because how many times have I said and shown that I can correct the horse’s at the walk by leg pressure only, but somehow this didn’t make the connect.. so be it.

Well, worth the time, and I am very very hopeful that I talk him into once a month training lessions for three to six to a year so that he has improves his horse skills for safe riding.

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One Response to Jason’s first offical horseback riding Lession

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Excellent news!: )

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