Hiccup.. Broken bone in my foot..

Well, this is going to slow down my summer and my horseback riding, Hubby will take over some of the riding but we will need to move over to mainly ground training.. as I laid in bed, part of my planning and thinking was in regard to how I am going to keep my horse training in play..

Long line work, free style work and at long line obstacle training, grooming will be my main focus’s, these are possible mainly because I have well broke horse’s that have a pretty solid basic’s already done on them.

I will have limited movement which means that they will very much need to be worked willingly, softly and with ask and give.. all very good things.. While this was not part of the plan to be sure.. (who wants a broken foot) If done correctly, this will not set me back on my horse’s.

We will see if I can make that happen….

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