Bitter Cold.. Five min horse training ideas


Ok, no pictures to go with from today, closest one I have is this one with Samwell, I have bad hands in the photo.. ehhh, so be it

Well, Winter has arrived! and its so burrrrrrrrrr! the wind chill is just nasty, but today at least we had lovely bright sunshine, it glittered off the ice making it a winter wonderland.

Felt well enough to get back to daily horse ground training but the cold and the ice stopped me from doing much in the way feet work..

So neck flexing and softness seemed like a great win, can do a set of so many reps per side, with a break and repeat x3 for each horse in like five min.. perfect for the weather..

Boy do I have some stiff horses, but to be fair I have not asked them to flex in a number of months, brandy softened faster then caleb, but both show their good side vs their off sides very clearly indeed.

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