Letting Go..

Hello Folks,

I am not going into details here.. in working with my vet and ferrier in regards to managing Brandy’s ongoing ringbone in both front feet, we reached the point that while most of the time we could relieve her pain to the point that she was not just safe to be around but my dream girl..

As it processed, we moved from riding regular, to flat walking only to pasture puff but when stressed in regards to regular foot care or in ways that required working with her feet, the level of stress she had made her to get to the point of needing to be sedated for ferrier work and so forth.

When it got to the point that last winter, I could see signs daily that she was having issues, I knew that she would not see another winter cold..  but I was determined to give her a spring, summer and fall of love, care, extra treats and snuggles

But winter is coming and she has already been starting to show signs that even the colder fall nights were leading to her racking and showing mild lameness signs..  DH and I were with her to the end.. she got the biggest bucket full of her favorites, apples, pears and carrots with rolled oats


and she didn’t have a bad day, we paid the extra to have her sedated while snacking, and she got sleepy and then gone.. I have never seen something so heart hurting happen in such a peaceful way.. but it really did in this case..

I had talked to the vet and to a few horse folks and they all said to let Caleb have the chance to say goodbye, so that is what I did..


I only took one photo at this time, and it shows something that I found so beautiful, caleb smelled her, touched her, blew on her and nibble lip groomed her face but he also would go and check for her breathing..  this is him checking for her breathing..

He stood guard over her and even after I moved him back to the pasture, he laid down next to the fence as close to her as he could while we waited for pickup. While a part of me, wishes that we could have hired the backhoe and put her to rest on our land, we are on a flood plane and its not allowed for that big of a animal in my zoning.


Caleb had a very hard time when she was taken away.. my poor sweet boy, while they fought like brother and sister, and he was bossy and she was bitchy, they truly were best friends. This is my last together photo of them taken in late sept of 2016

DSCN4617 (2)

I will be spending even more time with my big guy over the next while as he deals, I am thankful that he had the sheep flock, I caught him sleeping with them, so he had other touch and share then just with us humans..


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