A bit of a strange thing to say I know and I expect that I will just write a single post on this and share here and on the bucket blog..


The post above came out Thursday but Brandy passed on weds and so today Thursday was in fact the first 24 hours with Caleb being the only horse on the farm, he is very clearly looking for her, calling for her.. and he is subdued.

I know, I know

Don’t put the way we feel on critters, and I get that.. I do..

But what I do know is this, he is going around the farm looking in the barn, the lean to and then walking to different parts and calling and then listening for answers

He is tense and light noise’s that normally would not bother him in any way, have him jumpy and twitchy. He is seeking touch and quiet voices and comfort, if allowed he wants to hang his big old head over my shoulder and lay his chin ever so gently over my heart..

Its strange as he normally liked face to face contact, but all day, he would move and then come round and hug me in this way.. we would stand and breath, I would send him mental thoughts, it was very zen to get the truth.

What I did not have was my jokester.. Caleb loves a good joke, open a gate, undo the rope and then stand there with it in a loop looking at you, stealing your mitts or whatever from your pockets and then laughing at you while he waves them up and down, carefully ever so carefully stealing my hair holders..

The first day is done and today is a new one.. today it will be a little better.. today he had a little more spunky in his step, he was a little more himself when his morning hay was delivered. It was nice to see it..


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