• 15.2 to 16.2 in height
  • 6 to 18 years
  • draft cross or built like a tank
  • gelding
  • middle road herd
  • not black
  • face blaze an socks
  • prefer limited white
  • broke western ideal
  • trail ride
  • bit of cowboy games training is a bonus
  • dead broke
  • more whoa then go
  • road safe
  • water crosses, anything goes trail ride
  • farrier and vet safe
  • trailers
  • can ride out single or in group
  • fence respectful
  • 24 outside is ok (but I have a barn)
  • ideally barefoot
  • easy keeper
  • ideally like ground work and games
  • walk-trot.. just a steady old boy
  • can be left over winter and then with a bit of work got back on an ride
  • bonus if broke to drive
  • Healthy, no known underlining health issues

Ok, I know, I know… What a list but to be fair I had the same dream list for Caleb and other than he is taller and has more white, he really is everything on that list.. and just like I more than happily moved over and gave on a few minor things for my big guy, I will again for the right horse.

I am not in a hurry and I will take my time even more this time then I did with Caleb, I looked at hundreds of horses online and I looked at close to a dozen plus in real life and then I went a got Caleb sight unseen.. LOL

I did have photos, video of him working and a phone interview.. I also was very! blessed to have an honest seller.. I have phone chats with folks that very clearly either a) were full of B.S or b) thought that I knew nothing..

I was honest what I wanted and needed Caleb to have, they felt he had that.. they were right! I am grateful everyday that my girlfriend found him (she was looking at him for herself, he was out of my looking zone) and for my girlfriend that helped me get him home, and for his owners for taking a risk with the lady that lived hours and hours away.

When I was looking for him, Brandy was already at the point that she was very limited in her rideablity and so I was pushing harder to find my new horse.

This time however, I have a healthy sound horse that meets both my and hubbies riding needs so that allows me to take a breath and do this coming search right.

Over the past year, there have been at least a dozen horses that have come up on the ontario for sale site that I would have actively looked at if I had been in buying mode.. so while I know it will not happen overnight, I also know that the odds are very much in my favor that I can find what I am looking for within the coming year.


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