Your just messing with me :)

I am trying to push myself this coming year in regards to my photos.. try new things, try new angles, textures and more..

Caleb was my model today.. what a good sport!


I thought the tootoo would go over his head as ringed halo.. wrong, he has a big head.. and so we got this wild and crazy photo instead LOL

So the white fluff came off and the roses went on.. with the jingle jingle


This one was taken with the soft setting with natural skin tones.. its lovely in its own way, I love the natural lighting on his coat from the sun, the sparkle on the bells..


This one had a lot more sun and came from the other side and with the one of the texture settings on it.. I still love it.. look at those eye lashes.. wow! but in some ways it seems washed out compared to the others.. I got just as crisp in the white without the loss of depth but that was a very different angle taken.

But this is for me the winner of the session..  thank you Caleb for your willingness to move to different spots, for backing for me, for following my tracker left and right, up and down.. I know you truly earned those carrots and apples today..

As you can see, these photos were all taken free style.. Caleb let me put these things on because he was willing to do so, and he walked with me and worked with me at liberty for about 45 min to get these.. there is more then one way to join up with your horse.. All of them are worth it 🙂


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