Ground Work with Bojangles

I was out doing some heat ( a preheated salt sock) and massage on Caleb’s shoulder and more on that at a later date once I get some confirm things from my vet..


Bojangles wanted to smell the sock, the salt and hang out on caleb’s rear.. very sweet.. until I went to pet him and got totally snubbed..  Now he was loose so I asked a few more times.. Nope.. total cold shoulder..

So when I was done, this would not do at all.. out I went with the halter and the lead.. and we played, would you like this on? he is such a sweet guy and so awesomely passively put out lol..

Bo, I will stand here and you can put it on.. but I am going to turn my head.

Me.. Nope.. you can bring your head back and I will show you the halter and ask again.

Bo.. Well, I will turn my head and close my eye and you can put it on..

Me.. Nope.. until you put your nose in it.. we are just going to stand here, me asking, you saying no, me petting you and you standing here free and me asking..

He finally licked his lips and put his nose in the right space.. I think he is always surprised when I ask, rather then tell..

So off we went to the road to take a walk, to work on a few things and ask this and that.. we are still very much learning about each other.. learning the que’s, learning my words, learning, his body, his eye and his lang..

He is a kind gentle soul, he is spunky and quick, he is sweet and he is so willing but he also goes.. going to make me lol..  Going to be so much fun building that trust and bond with him..


This picture makes me laugh, you see, he is going in the direction, I asked, he is moving, he is on a loose soft lead, and he is also in his own kind way, giving me the hoof!  He is quite simple saying that this road is more interesting to me, then you are..

He was doing what was asked but he was so not with me..

It was interesting to see what shut him down, vs what helped him connect with me..  Its all a learning curve with a new horse and for a horse that is very well trained but perhaps not as used to being allowed to play an express himself in ground work 🙂

It was a nice walk, it was a good training session and I was very pleased with it from start to finish..

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