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Equine First Aid Course..

So I spent Saturday at a Equine First Aid course, it was a lot of fun, great info, wonderful teacher and lots of hands on working the skills on our unhurt practise horse.. I will do posts on each part … Continue reading

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My poor doppy girl..

Well, as you have heard me talk about before, Brandy has a issue with getting her feet done, and the last couple times she just got worse and worse, and the last two times, she had complete melt downs, and … Continue reading

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Starting to get in shape..

Both horses have made it though this long and cold winter with shaggy coats, Brandy has kepts close to the same weight but she has lots muscle tone, Sam went into winter a touch thin and lacking muscle.. he has … Continue reading

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Growing hair back on scars

I am sure at least a few of you have noticed that Samwell Aka Sam has scaring on his face, at some point in the past, someone put a to small halter on him and let it cut right into … Continue reading

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Understanding The Hoof & Basic Dentistry Clinic

Had to wake up way to early to the alarm today in order to drag myself out of bed and be out the door on time to drive to the clinic, but I know how long it takes to get … Continue reading

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Pressure points DVD and Workbook I ordered the pressure points book and dvd, I watched her intro video, and really enjoyed it, I have found some of the things she talked about, and I have done massage on those points on Brandy, but the … Continue reading

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Routine care- Ferrier

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