Mr. BoJangles


First day home! arrived in the very wee morning hours!


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A very Foggy Morning..


a Close up.. and below.. the foggy distance one.. it looks like a watercolor but it truly is my photo.. no fancy program etc that’s what I got..


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Joined up

We took the hounds for a winter walk in the pasture and Caleb joined us, he came on the trot and he joined up and was glued to me in his proper walking spot at my shoulder..


He was so good and kind with the hounds running around him and at times under him..


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Your just messing with me :)

I am trying to push myself this coming year in regards to my photos.. try new things, try new angles, textures and more..

Caleb was my model today.. what a good sport!


I thought the tootoo would go over his head as ringed halo.. wrong, he has a big head.. and so we got this wild and crazy photo instead LOL

So the white fluff came off and the roses went on.. with the jingle jingle


This one was taken with the soft setting with natural skin tones.. its lovely in its own way, I love the natural lighting on his coat from the sun, the sparkle on the bells..


This one had a lot more sun and came from the other side and with the one of the texture settings on it.. I still love it.. look at those eye lashes.. wow! but in some ways it seems washed out compared to the others.. I got just as crisp in the white without the loss of depth but that was a very different angle taken.

But this is for me the winner of the session..  thank you Caleb for your willingness to move to different spots, for backing for me, for following my tracker left and right, up and down.. I know you truly earned those carrots and apples today..

As you can see, these photos were all taken free style.. Caleb let me put these things on because he was willing to do so, and he walked with me and worked with me at liberty for about 45 min to get these.. there is more then one way to join up with your horse.. All of them are worth it 🙂


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Pink Himalayan Salt Rock

So I was at the feed store, getting Caleb his wormer and the gentleman said, have you seen these hanging Pink Himalayan Salt Rock for the horses..  Now this block of salt costs more then the big salt block.. but it has a few extra vits and minerals then the regular does, that’s for sure.

I thought why not try it.. plus its one more thing to play with for Caleb who is right bored at the moment being a single horse..


Called him over and gave him his daily apple treat and then showed him the salt rock and he went crazy for it.. to funny.. its Caleb approved!

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Treat vs the meds..

Its the time of year for a de-worming, everyone on the farm has been getting done, and it was time for Caleb, and he is such a good boy about getting his wormer.. dscn0140

Normally, I catch them, and put them in the cross ties and he takes his like gold and then I would have the fight with Brandy and finally we would be done..

Tonight when I went to take out with apples and carrots, I thought, can I make this even more about teamwork.. and can he give it to me freely.

He came on the trot when I called him from two fields away.. and wanted pats, and some carrot, then I gave him a apple and more love and then I showed him the wormer, its clear from his smelling it that he knew what it was and he just lifted his head away when I asked him to give me his muzzle, so I just asked nicely and talked and petted and then I would ask him again to give me is mouth into my hand so that I could give him his meds..  on the second ask, he asked for his treat, and I said.. muzzle and he blew out and put his muzzle in my hand, took his meds over the fence line, totally yielding to it with no pressure or force in anyway, he got love and more apple and carrots and a hug and snuggle..

It was a great moment for me.. so nice to just be able to be calm, steady and to be able to ask and have it meet with grace.. Go Boy Caleb..


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maybe.. just maybe..


not my photo.. taken by owner.. I am looking at the mare.. we will see

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