Caleb is starting to work on “pony another horse Skill”

As you know, the goal is to work towards getting to the point of being able to do beginner cowboy Clinics with Caleb, local trail riding is always going to be my main event, but this is a big time goal that I am training towards.

On of the things that can be asked for is to pony another horse, this is the photo from the Extremee cowboy event site, (I will work on getting a photo of me doing this soon)

Now I had been ponied on Samwell, and I had ponied Brandy from Samwell but we are still working on teaching Brandy and Caleb to play nice together, they have come along way and they are learning to walk as a team, ride side by side and work as a unit, instead of me needing to do each one.

Its a work in progress like most things with horse’s are.. but in the past while I got the chance to work on doing a pony with Brandy off Caleb, she crowds, he is not to happy about that, which I can understand, so my first issue, how the heck do you properly pony a horse when you are trying to ride straight rein..

Hmmmm. work harder on teaching Caleb how to neck REIN!!!

Back on point, so because I needed well sort of, two hands, I was really mainly riding with one hand and legs, which worked pretty good to be honest, we had a couple starts but overall we settled right In and got it figured out, once we had adjusted space and distance between the horse’s, they in fact rode it out very well, I can see that I need to add this into my weekly training plan but I also believe that this should be added in the other way, I need caleb to learn to also follow brandy on lead as the second horse or pack horse..

Always something new going on here at the farm… When was the last time you ponied a second horse..

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One Response to Caleb is starting to work on “pony another horse Skill”

  1. LOL! Where would we be without life’s challenges, eh? Good luck with getting them to “play nice” (and at a proper distance; )

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