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Hubby said, yes.. start looking “softly”

Dad’s going to look at barns, or lean-to run in’s with tack/feed room combo’s, and he is almost finished with snow and will get moving on finishing the pasture fence/cross fence.. 80 tons of gravel coming etc, things are moving … Continue reading

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O my.. its going to be a interesting spring/summer..

Nothing helps me lose weight like riding my horse’s.. and while I go up and down the rollercoaster that is testing, waiting, trying and then finding out that we are on to the next cycle for working on making a … Continue reading

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This past week has been quiet on the horse front :)

Its been cold and icy, I can handle the cold, but when you combine it with ice, my guys are barefoot and I don’t have a clue where I would get boots to fit their big old feet, I will … Continue reading

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Hoola Hoop Fun!

Its amazing to me all the fun things you can find at either the dollar store or think to recycle to have lots of fun on the ground training/horse Agility training/proofing you can do with the horse’s. Here were a … Continue reading

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Cold.. so quick little training sessions..

Well, I will be honest, I had planned at least an hour a day for the hours’s but its bitter out there, the cold is still cold but the windchill is just bitter! This is not to say that the … Continue reading

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Its all Mental..

I looked out this morning and standing in the one corner of my front pasture was my horse’s, sam was just hanging out but Brandy, well Brandy was staring at the house.. and she knew I was up and moving … Continue reading

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Storm and cold.. stopped training for a bit :)

They could go to the barn, but no, they are tough winter coat shaggy horse’s

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